Julia Nash


I work presently as a Technical Offering Manager that has successfully led initiatives from cloud platforms to mobile applications.

I'm also a passionate software developer and created this website that uses Next.js which is a React framework for production-grade applications. I did everything from buying the domain to setting up the database, hosting and SSL to registering it with Google Search. Its a WIP but I hope you like it!

At A Glance

JS * Python * Julia


Fallout 4 * RPGs


Patents * UML * Videographer


Quantum * AI * Security



  • 'I said about the demo you did "why didn't we think of this!"' - CTO
  • "Its like you are one of us, like you work here. I kept having to tell myself that "you haven't gone to lunch with her because she doesn't work here". Your presentation was candid and genuine, I loved it." - Fortune 100 VP, WIT event
  • "I was thinking that it is nice to see a businessperson enthusiastic about data science, until I realized 'Oh! She is not speaking of the experience of an engineer, she is the engineer.'" - Fortune 10 VP of Data Science
  • "I know you think the title is super lame, but you are a 'Thought Leader'. Own it!" - Former Manager


  • 🏃🏽‍♀️ Agile Project Manager
  • 📠 Lead Inventor
  • 📱 Product Manager
  • 🐝 Scrum Master
  • 🕸 Web Developer
  • 👽 AI Exam Creator
  • 🎯 Certified AI Developer
  • 🌪 Cloud Solution Advisor
  • 👩🏼‍🎤 Professional Oil Painter
  • 🍕 Scrum Product Owner
  • 🌎 Solutions Architect
  • 👩🏽‍💻 Diverse Inclusivity

How I work

Daring, high energy and dynamic. Enjoys the bleeding edge of life. Can create new ideas the market hasn't seen before, manage the project, and deliver data-driven results.


Agile MethodologyInnovation LeaderProgram ManagementInventions